If you use a private security agency to hire a security guard for your business, tell the agency that you want a security guard to protect you from theft, vandalism, fire, and other illegal activities. You have the choice of hiring an armed or unarmed guard. In general, armed guards are best suited for renting for businesses that are not open to the public or during periods when your business is closed. Unarmed guards turned to public security forces such as police or firefighters for help. Private security personnel work for individuals, partnerships and companies and are expected to protect their interests. This typically includes the protection of assets and assets, personnel and customers, and information. Industrial and information security has become one of the most important goals of private security. Former South African police officer and special unit Chris Beukes founded TSU Protection Services in 1999 and now claims to be one of South Africa`s leading private security companies. «I realized that while there have been many security companies across the country, very few have specialized in executive protection and high-risk services, largely due to the lack of qualified personnel in these areas,» Beukes explained.

«As a police officer, the salary was reasonable but not great, so I decided to launch TSU Protection Services to fill the gap in the market.» Now, with a team of highly skilled employees, the company serves high-profile companies and other customers. Specialties include armed personal escorts, executive protection and support, mass control, and maritime security. While there is nothing we can do to completely eliminate these types of threats, there are steps we can take to avoid dangers and reduce security issues. Getting private security is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk and protect what`s most important. «The security industry`s death spiral» Customers who buy security guards accuse security companies of not providing adequate training or staff positions with guards who are not suitable for the job. They will also blame their guards for not caring enough about their work or the tasks they perform. Security companies complain that their customers refuse to accept increases in the billing rate, even though they almost always have a security guard on the shift. They also often complain that the guards don`t care about their work or prefer to be paid to stay at home. A private security company provides armed and/or unarmed security services to private and public clients. We can add more to these categories of personnel (see examples below), but for the sake of simplicity, an agent of a private security company may or may not carry a lethal weapon. Control Risks, based in London, England, but with 36 offices worldwide, is a global services and consulting firm dedicated to «helping organizations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments.» Control Risks began in 1975 as a division of the Hogg Robinson insurance company and became independent in 1982.

When large companies around the world began working in lesser-known fields in the 1990s, Control Risks focused on developing its intelligence and investigative services. In its statement on the website, the company boasts of offering «strategic advice, expert analysis and in-depth investigations to the point of addressing sensitive political issues and practical protection and support on the ground.» After working in Iraq to secure the oil company`s assets, Control Risks generated revenue of $223.32 million in 2010. At the time of publication, the FBI intends to expand its private enterprise. The aim is to reach local communities through private security agencies to provide information on how to protect, prevent and respond to terrorist attacks and security breaches. This type of collaboration with private sector security firms led to a record 202 people in 2010, some of whom were the world`s leading cybercriminals, according to Gordon Snow of the FBI`s Cyber Division. Although The Brink`s Company is based in Virginia, it has a network that permeates the global landscape: the company operates in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 70,000 people. Perry Brink founded Brink`s City Express in Chicago in 1859 and began transporting guests` suitcases from local train stations to hotels by horse-drawn carriage. In 1891, the company made its first cash delivery, carrying half a dozen bags filled with silver dollars. Today, Brink`s is perhaps best known for its fleet of armored vans, which it uses to meet the needs of governments, currencies, banks, jewelers and other businesses. It also offers security, logistics and cash management services for the IAD and airports. In 2011, Brink`s had revenue of $3.9 billion.

Off-duty agents require all of our private security personnel to undergo intensive training that is constantly updated to reflect the latest technology and best practices. When you sign a contract with out-of-service agents, you can rest assured that your company and employees are in good hands. Off Duty Officers is not your average private security company. With the high quality of service we constantly provide, we stand above others. Our guards include some of the best off-duty police officers and officers who have received additional training in the following areas: Founded in 2007, private military company GK Sierra, based in Washington, D.C and Portland, began manufacturing secure communication technologies for the U.S. government. Two years later, the company, which is a wing of Genoa-Knowlton, Inc., began offering investigative and intelligence options among its services. GK Sierra is currently collecting information for the CIA. In addition to an office in Tel Aviv, the company reportedly employs high-ranking Mossad agents, which has led to allegations that it is part of Israel`s intelligence services – allegations that GK Sierra has categorically denied. The company`s specialties include corporate investigations and information, digital forensics, and encryption technology, while it is also said to have «direct actions» on the ground in various countries around the world.

This is called the rinse and repeat cycle. One of the most problematic aspects of the security industry. This cycle never seems to end and ultimately gives you the same results every time. Formerly known as the Corps of Commissionaires, Corps Security is a British security company that officially reports to Queen Elizabeth II. Founded in 1859, it is considered the oldest security company in the world, and today has a team of around 3,000 security guards as well as a dozen offices across the UK. The company`s specialty is corporate security, including event protection, electronic monitoring, and consulting. According to its official website, Corps Security is «the leading provider of specialized security solutions.» Dressed as desired in the company`s iconic Commissionaire uniforms, Corps Security`s Event Protection Unit secures top sporting venues such as Wembley Stadium and is present at key annual events such as the London Lord Mayor Show. Other services include guarding with staff, CCTV surveillance, alarm response and key posture. The private security industry is growing rapidly – there are currently 2 million full-time security guards in the U.S.

and this number is expected to increase by 21% by 2020[3], making the security industry a $100 billion a year industry, with growth projected at $200 billion by 2010. [4] The United States is the world`s largest consumer of private military and security services and the private security industry in the United States.