If dogs are too fat, they are prone to long-term health problems such as premature joint aging, unstable blood sugar, and cardiovascular issues. In order to ensure their physical well-being and longevity with us, it’s important to carefully manage their weight.

Assess whether the dog is overweight
Sometimes, don’t just assume that a dog needs to lose weight solely based on its appearance. A dog’s need for weight loss isn’t determined just by «appearance» or «weight» alone!The simplest method is to place your thumbs along the spine of the dog and run your fingers along the ribcage. If you cannot easily feel the ribs with slight pressure, it indicates that the dog is overweight.

In fact, there is a professional method for assessing this, called the Body Condition Score System (BCS), established by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). It involves palpation by a veterinarian, measurements, and assessment based on body posture to determine the grading score.Of course, we don’t necessarily have to make the judgment ourselves. It’s advisable to rely primarily on a veterinarian’s diagnosis. After all, during a dog’s physical health check, other bodily information such as blood work is also taken into consideration. The necessity for weight loss should be evaluated by a veterinarian.

2. Set weight loss goals

Target weight = Current weight – Current weight * 15%, and it’s safe to plan for a monthly weight loss of 5 to 6%. For example, if a dog originally weighs 40 kilograms, the target weight loss for the first month would be between 2 to 2.4 kilograms, and so on. However, it’s important to note that some «older dogs» require sufficient «nutrient intake» in addition to reducing calories. The weight loss process for dogs should not be rushed; take it slowly. It’s important to work together with the dog so it doesn’t feel lonely, and owners must remember to be patient. With patience, you will definitely see the results of the weight loss efforts.

3. Regularly weigh the dog

It’s best to weigh the dog once a week, at the same time of day and using the same scale each time. Overweight dogs should ideally reduce 1 to 2% of their original weight per week. Tracking the weight changes on a graph over time can boost confidence and motivation, while regular palpation can help observe the effects of fat reduction.

4. Calculate the appropriate daily calories

To avoid the dog from «consuming excess calories» and becoming overweight, we first need to know how much energy they truly require, which is the «ideal calorie intake» to sustain the dog’s life.

5. Incorporate exercise for both physical and mental well-being

Just like humans, dogs need to be active to lose weight and maintain their health. Exercise increases calorie expenditure and plays a role in improving overall physical fitness, helping to maintain muscle and reduce fat accumulation.According to research, walking your pet for Dog Treadmill for medium-sized dogs. A professional Dog Treadmill For Large Dogs is essential when pets lack sufficient exercise, which can lead to health issues such as obesity, low endurance, and sluggishness.

It can help your dog or cat get enough exercise, aiding them in weight loss and maintaining good health. It’s recommended to crush treats and use them to entice your dog to run on the treadmill. Reward your dog with a small piece of treat after a short run, and intermittently, pretend to give treats without actually doing so during the run on the treadmill. Dogs with a simple nature won’t notice. Treats are just a tool to encourage them to develop an exercise routine, so it’s important to minimize treat intake.By exercising in this way daily, they will look forward to the «Buy Dog Treadmill» and gradually increase their exercise time and intensity starting from a slow walk.By exercising in this way daily, they will look forward to the «Dog Running Machine» and gradually increase their exercise time and intensity starting from a slow walk.

It’s important to remember that exercise for weight loss in dogs is supplementary; one must never force the dog into excessively intense workouts for quick weight loss. Also, it’s crucial to understand that «frequent regular short walks» each day are better than occasional long walks. Therefore, the most important aspect of exercise is consistency. Developing a «fixed exercise schedule» and «regular exercise habits» is the best weight loss plan.

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